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Is E-mail Secure?

Wellllll on some servers the e-mail you receive is in a none Secure directory so receiving is a little more tricky.

Email fraud

bank fraud

Email fraud is becoming very popular here is how it works. You receive an email form lets say Kitimat City Bank telling you there has been some unusual activities in you accounts and the bank would like you to check your accounts to make sure they are correct and they give you a link to follow www.kitimatcitybank.com but if you look at the url or address it will look like this www.kittimatcitybank.com very close but with 1 letter wrong or also the page its self will look just the your bank’s page all they have done is copy the original page and copied it to there site. When you enter your account and password it stores it on their site and now they have all the info they need to hack you account. You will get a message “server is busy” or “wrong password”. Or if they are really good they will forward you to your account and log you on so you have no idea anything is wrong. To prevent anything from happening always open a browser window yourself and go to your banks page the hard way never use an email link to it.

credit card fraud

The other popular email fraud is the sale ones lets say Pete’s cameras and they are selling digital cameras for $10.00 a $120.00 value and there is a place where you enter you credit card information then you will get a message saying "they could not process you credit card" or "they can’t ship to you address". But if they are really good they will send you the camera at a loss because they have your information and they will be running up a whole lot of other phony charges that will make up for the loss 10 times over. To prevent it never follow an email link to a sale item if you don’t know the site or you did not search it your self don’t use it. Criminals can’t be bothered waiting for people to search there site, They need to get in and out fast so they can't leave a trail for the police to follow.

If you start the email trail by sending a company an email with your credit card information to buy something you are safe to say it is 5-9's safe 99.999% safe. It is the unsolicited email that just gets sent to you that you have to worry about.


There is over a billion transmission a day on the net for some one to target you and get your credit card number is a billion to one shot.
If you where a hacker and you could get this off the net would you waste time with some ones credit card that was maxed out or would you be working on banks and Walmart where it is at least worth you while to risk getting caught.
if you are not at a secure site then is it a site you trust? (not satan's hacker site) then you are still OK you walk into a restraint in a town you have never been to, you pay with a credit card and you do not worry that the girl is not going to give your number to her drug dealing boyfriend so it is the same with the net.

If you are worried that some kid will get it by accident then just email half the number and tell them the other half is in the next email. The odds of some kid getting both with the millions of transmission that are happen at once well...... you get the message

Information Security

There is only one truly safe way to do business PGP and public keys read about it here.

There is only one truly safe way to send emailPGP and public keys read about it here.
EMAIL FACTS this is a must


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